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Academy Governance

Academy Governing Boards (AGBs) are the Trust’s local governing bodies with new functions and different delegated responsibilities and accountabilities from their predecessor local authority governing bodies.. Their role is to steer, challenge and support the leadership, contribute to the success of their academy and to recommend and contribute to the work of the Trust thereby benefiting all Academies across the Trust.

The Herts for Learning Multi Academy Trust Scheme of Delegation outlines the role of the Academy Governing Boards. The Terms of Reference below sit alongside the Scheme of Delegation.

These Terms of reference will be kept under regular review as the Trust evolves.

In all cases the AGB must:

  • Ensure the educational vision and objectives of their academy are aligned and contribute to achieving the overall vision and objectives of the HfL MAT.
  • Ensure the quality of educational provision in their academy and be supportive of quality provision for all children across the Trust;
  • Be accountable for standards, attainment and outcomes for the children/students in their academy;
  • Challenge and monitor the performance of the school through effective self-evaluation, and the implementation of school development plans;
  • Work with the Trust to ensure the employment of effective staff;
  • Ensure academy finances and property is effectively managed day to day;
  • Implement the improvement plan developed with the HfL MAT for the academy;
  • Carry out governor business effectively, including the induction of new governors and a commitment to the continued professional development of all governors;
  • Exercise reasonable skill and care in carrying out duties.

In return the HfL MAT will:

  • Implement an effective educational vision across the Trust that supports the individual contexts of all academies within it;
  • Provide support to AGBs in fulfilling their duties and implementing the vision;
  • Provide an effective school improvement offer to each school/academy that includes governor development;
  • Provide access to appropriate training for governors;
  • Develop model policies for schools to adapt and implement;
  • Provide efficient central resources and support for administration of governance within each school/academy;
  • Coordinate bidding processes for capital investment
  • Support AGBs in sourcing good quality clerks.


An HfL MAT Governance Handbook is issued to all governing bodies prior to conversion.

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